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Gallery of British cat Alisia, photo British kitten

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You can not fool a cat idle chatter, as any dog, no, sir!
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The British kitten
Who is online?
On this page we have posted pictures of our British cats Alisia. Here you will find photos of when she was in the form of a small fluffy kitten, adolescent and adult has a British cat.
We wish you a pleasant viewing experience.
Alisia kitten a few days old, it is the right
Alisia kitten 2 weeks
Alisia kitten 3-4 weeks
Alisia kitten 1 month
British cat Alisia 1,5 month
British cat Alisia 2 months
British cat Alisia 3 months
British cat Alisia 4 months
British cat Alisia 5 months
British cat Alisia 6 months
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The British kitten Yannik Silvery Snow age of 1 months.
The British kitten age of 2 months.
The British kitten Lucia Silvery Snow age of 2 months.
The British kitten Lucia Silvery Snow age of 4 months.
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