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Cats and human relations

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God has created the Cat that the person had a tiger who can be stroked
Victor Hugo
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The British kitten
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Difficult to determine when people first began to keep a cat at home. The most common is the view that this animal was domesticated about six thousand years ago, when people gradually began to develop, apart from hunting and gathering, herding and farming. In tribes that inhabited the Middle East, the need to preserve the harvest until next year. For this purpose, a man appeared facilities for the storage of grain and other products that had to be protected from rodents, flooding villages and caused great damage to human economy. It is best to cope with this responsibility, of course, wild cat, considerably reduce the number of mice and rats.
According to scientists, the North African-Asiatic steppe cat has become a common ancestor of all currently known species of domestic cats. It is believed that the animal is domesticated inhabitants of ancient Egypt about four thousand years ago.
Later this man's attitude toward self and not manageable animal was different. Living in Ancient Egypt cats were read as a relic after 2000 BC. Oe. stocks of grain in storage pharaoh suffered greatly from the invasion of rodents who were divorced in such large numbers that belong to Pharaoh the cat could not cope with their destruction. Harvest is under threat, so Pharaoh gathered his people and cats placed in the granary.
The priests of ancient Egypt cats declared sacred, and since mere mortals were not allowed to touch the kopshshm, avladet they could only Pharaoh.
Thus, the cat became the subject of Egyptian worship. This is reflected in the fact that these animals immortalized in sculptures and paintings, and offered up his honor as a deity. For harm caused by a cat, should severe punishment, and killing animals punishable by death. As the dead cat owner supposed to mourn for a few days and shave off his eyebrows as a sign of great sadness. Mummified body of the dead animal after a difficult and solemn funeral ceremony to be buried in a special cat cemetery. This is confirmed by archaeological evidence: in 1890 during excavations of the ancient city Bubas-yew, near the temple of the goddess Bast, the researchers found more than 300 well-preserved mummies of cats.
In ancient Egypt, CATS USE almost the same honor and respect, AS and Pharaoh
Bast was considered in ancient Egypt, the goddess of fertility, and patroness of love. However, its function is not limited, as most of the gods in various mythologies. She served as a symbol of the sun and moon, patron spirits of the dead who are in another world, and was responsible for the fertility of animals and humans. The people prayed to her to cure many diseases. She was the head of the cat and the mysterious cat-like eyes.
Also known case in which the generals have used in the conduct of cats
battles with the Egyptians. Knowing how the people of Egypt honor their sacred
animals, the Persian king had ordered to tie Kambisse live cats on the shields of his soldiers. It was cruel to animals, but the population of the country to give up without a fight, not to harm cats.
The spread of the domestic cat from Africa around the world have contributed to a lot of sailors, who also sought to protect food supplies from rats and cats were taken to the ships to travel. Because the domestic cat penetrated into different parts of the world. In Europe, she appeared at the turn of our era through the efforts of the Greek merchants and travelers who have visited Egypt, and drew attention to the cats. Remove these animals outside Egypt was prohibited, so that, according to legend, the Greeks stole several pairs of cats. Soon the animals have multiplied and have become very popular in Greece. They successfully replaced the semi-weasels and ferrets, previously used for pest control - pest control.
The villagers appreciated the benefits that brought the cat, and tried to tame them. Gradually the cat used to live next to a man and still maintain the inherent independence of these animals.
From Ancient Greece cat got into other countries in Europe, where he also began to enjoy well-deserved honor, as were not only excellent hunters, and devoted friends of man. In addition, the Greeks very much appreciated the beauty in everything, and the cat - a beautiful and graceful animal.
About the cats mentioned in the scientific treatises of ancient scientists and philosophers. For example, the famous Roman historian Pliny the Elder was first described by anatomical and physiological features of a cat in his book, "Natural History".
In Europe, it first considered the guardian of the hearth and embodied freedom and independence. While Europeans, in contrast to the ancient Egyptians did not think the cat sacred animal, but treated her with great respect. Then the cat began to perceive differently, because it obscurantists associated with witchcraft and the devil, and destroyed the most brutal ways, allegedly destroying their satanic force. Cats were considered black accomplices of Satan, the rumor attributed to them the quality of things that are dangerous to humans. This happened with the encouragement of priests. After some time in Europe - skih cities spread rat - vectors terrible disease, bubonic plague, which killed more than half the European population. In such circumstances, the cat regained popularity. Even the Church has changed its attitude towards these animals, which also contributed to the return of the general location of the cats.
But even in times of universal obsession and religious fanaticism were enlightened men, who retained the ability to think rationally. Some monasteries have continued to breed cats to catch rodents, they are, still harmed people's food supplies. Perhaps because of this cat were not completely destroyed, when their numbers in Europe was strongly reduced.
A cat can be called truly mystical animals, as connected with it a lot of signs, which are prevalent to this day, and the interpretation of these often take the opposite in different countries. One of them - that a cat washes the rain, if during this process concerns paw ear. This is explained by the fact that animals are sensitive to the slightest changes in weather.
In the East, these animals are highly revered.
They were gradually colonized countries of Asia, when the active development of trade between Europe and Asia.
There is a version of a rather original way, how the cat first came to the East: it was exchanged for a length of silk fabric.
Attitude to this animal in the East rather peculiar way: a typical Eastern mysticism and Western aesthetic worship instead of a practical view of things. On the one hand, the cat still guards against rats and mice and harvest the precious silk cocoons and silk trade is an important part of the economies of Japan and China. In addition, cats have another function - to serve as a kind of talisman, which invariably brings peace, prosperity and family happiness. So in the East appreciated the charm of these animals. At the same time people are convinced that with age, mystical quality of the living mascot worse: the older the cat, the more happiness it brings to its owners.
Every Chinese would have a small ceramic statue of a cat that is not only decorated the house, and drove its inhabitants from evil spirits. It was believed that the presence of these animals contributed to the meditation.
Still, the cat does not become a sacred animal in Asia. If you believe one of the legends, the reason for that was the cat's behavior during the funeral ceremony of Buddha. The cat did not show proper respect for the dead and prefer undisturbed sleep.
Almost simultaneously, these animals have appeared in India and soon became the symbol of family happiness. Appearance of the cat goddess of motherhood was given Sasht, which was revered as the guardian of the hearth. Residents of India believed that every believer must keep at home or at least feed the cat.
In the Middle Ages, cats were brought from China to Japan. The people of this country have expressed to them the tender care and affection. According to historical documents, the first habitat for these fascinating animals has become an imperial palace in Kyoto. There's a cat appeared in 999
In Russia, these animals have long been used by love. They came here from Southern countries. Contributed to this, as in most cases, the aggressive campaign and a lively trade relations with those states where domestic cats were no longer a rarity.
As elsewhere, in Russia this animal was considered the embodiment of peace, comfort and well-being in the home and family, the patron of their owners, protecting them from adversity and the machinations of evil forces.
In ancient times in the RUSI People think that cats AVAILABLE penetrate the underworld and communicate with spirits
The love of these animals was expressed in a national creative stve. Of clay craftsmen fashioned toys and whistles in the shape of cats, decorated them with painted and covered with gold leaf. Preserved many cheap popular images depicting cats.
In fairy tales, these characters are also very common, and they are endowed with a variety of human qualities and coping well with dangers and problems.
Thus, the people expressed their dreams of lucky people who have successfully overcome all the trials and receive reward.
Since the second half of XIX century. in cats noticed breeders. It was then by a positive mating were bred many famous breeds of domestic cats that are very popular to this day.
In our time science Felinological actively developed, so that cat lovers can look forward to the emergence of new breeds of animals.

Used material books O.A. Puhovoy, "British Shorthair Cat"

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