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Ruslanchik (Stewie) or our solar cat

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You can not fool a cat idle chatter, as any dog, no, sir!
Jerome K. Jerome
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The British kitten
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Mother - Masha Scottish Straight
Father - British blue cat Gr.I.Ch. Yannik Silvery Snow
Mother - Masha Scottish Straight
Father - British blue Cat Eu.Ch. Yannik Silvery Snow
Ruslanchik (Stewie) or our solar cat
Nickname: Ruslan (Stewie)
Sex: Male
Date of birth: 03.04.2013
Color: BRI e Cream
Father: Eu.Ch. Yannik Silvery Snow BRI a
Mother: Masha Scottish Straight
Paternal grandfather: Ch. Uldwyna`s Ewan Elidor BRI a, elite producer, imported from Holland
Maternal grandfather: Unknown
Our Ruslanchik, or as we call it even Stewie, just wonderful sunny cat, very gentle cream color, very affectionate and playful, may be a little naive boy. This is a favorite of our entire family, behold the lack of pedigree, our beloved child, our sun. He always welcomed us when we came home, liked to play with the vacuum cleaner and all was and still is very cheerful and mischievous kitten. In the short time while he was living with us, we are very much attached to him, and to love as their own child. Now he lives far away from us, and we are very much miss him. We know that he was very good at the new place, his love, care, he has in abundance of food, love and care, but we are very sad that he is not with us. Our sun, we love and miss you. Grow up healthy, strong and stay in our memory in the same mischievous boy, what we'll remember. We know that navryadli see you, but I come to visit us once in a while, even if in a dream ...
Photos of our solar cat a very small
And so he left our house
Video Ruslanchik and his sister
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