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How to teach a kitten to care

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The British kitten
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Many cat owners adhere to the mistaken belief that regular grooming is necessary only exhibition animals, and normal household pets do not need it. Cost the same without him wild cats! But we must not forget that nature provides all the conditions for the animals grooming: they rub against a hard crust and a sumed on the ground to get rid of excess hair, eating grass that displays the hair from the stomach, climb trees, erasing claws and eat meat the bones that perfectly cleans teeth. All these wonderful opportunities house cat deprived, so regular maintenance it is necessary.
Hi! You should see what I am beautiful, especially now! And I have shiny fur, and eyes, ears and even shine - from the cleanliness! Simply I just washed. I just say I do not like to bathe. First, the water - it's so wet, and from it immediately becomes cold, and secondly, a very loud noise, and although I am not afraid of anything, it is still unpleasant. But even though I did not like swimming, but accustomed accustomed. I'll tell you how to train right.
Wash need when in a good mood, for example, enough of and satisfied with life. Because in a good mood and troubles experienced easier. When the kitten bear in the bath, the water should already be poured, and then the sound of water - it is anyone other than me, of course, can scare. The most pleasant water - not hot and not cold, but like the person does not feel the hand, and should be up to about the middle of the body. Then you need to carefully hand scoop and pour water to wet hair. When wet, then lather shampoo and it is better to add it in the water. Just watch that it does not smell very strong, but just a little bit. And what these people smell like? They're nasty, not that, for example, kormumoy favorite or mrrr, catnip.
Shampoo rinse with clean water from the scoop and see that in the ears did not get: this is very frustrating, then ears can make me sick. After all these procedures are usually mood kitten not, so you need it right away in a warm towel wrap up and sit with him somewhere to keep him quiet. I, for instance, after washing I like to watch TV - distracting. When all the water is absorbed in the towel fur, you can proceed to the next procedure - to the comb, and who has long hair, and a hair dryer to dry your accounts.
You think you need to comb your cat only to coat the apartment is not lying? Hey, you! The most important thing - it's not clean your floor, and the health of your favorite kitty! Combing improves blood circulation in the skin and fur hundred becomes better, and most importantly, when licked, the hairs less swallow. If they swallow a lot, they will accumulate in the stomach, the intestines will fall, and a lot of trouble can happen. This is the hostess told me when I was accustomed to scratching. I did at first protested. Still comb - not a hand, it smells different and hard, you never know what you can expect from it. But the owner have gradually accustomed once pat, another time, so I was used to.
Now I have a lot of brushes, and they are all under my care use. First, a special smooth fur mittens to unnecessary, remove fallen hair, then comb comb with a few teeth, and then to suggest the basic beauty - by combing with frequent teeth. After it becomes fur - hair to hair, straight sight! The most annoying thing when tummy comb, "pants" on their hind legs and tail. But I suffer because I host small toys to entertain.
For toys, I generally tolerate much ready. Even such a nasty thing as nail clipping. Actually, it does not hurt if you cut only the tip regularly. But, you see, not too pleasant when you squeeze the foot to the fore claws, and then click another tool. But gradually this can teach. But we must not immediately pounce on the kitten, and all at once cut off his claws. First, let him get used to the sight and smell kogterezki, then catch the moment when he ddovolen not resist, and then one claw gently otstrigite or another. Here is my mistress did that - and I learned to.
For a complete health and cleanliness should be a kitten still clean ears and teeth. Ears cleaned not scary. For this solution, which is specifically for cats in the store on sale, in every ear buried. After it gets so tickled that I shake my head at once. A housewife was right there with a cotton swab - wipe the inside ears, and all. But the teeth are cleaned quite unpleasant. People like it when you climb your hands in your mouth! However, if a kitten's teeth clean, it can avoid a lot of trouble, such as plaque, from which the plaque is formed. I do not know how the stone looks, but, according to the hostess of a toothache and the worst can happen - there can not! So once a week I am in this process. The main thing is that the special pasta was tasty. They say that in a lot of different pet stores for sale, and if you really try, you can pick up. There and toothbrushes for dogs sell, I bought a housewife, but I'm brushing it flatly refused. So I tamponchikom teeth gently rub the gauze.
Well, something I've been chattering too much, and yet I lick it! Good to be clean, but so many extraneous odors that are not smell. And it is quite good!
In appearance wool cats can accurately judge the state of her health. Stress, lack of hygiene and poor diet are immediately reflected on its quality. Shine and beauty of wool depends on the sebaceous glands that produce sebum, a natural oil. In turn, his production has a significant impact food: for healthy hair and skin cats need unsaturated fatty acids omega-6 and omega-3. Full, includes in its membership all of the essential nutrients diet lams Kitten ensure the health and beauty of your hair kitten.

Elizaveta Samsonova, the magazine "My friend Cat" 08/12

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