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Cat Show, June 2013, Sevastopol, Ukraine

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The British kitten
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International Cat Show 22-23 June 2013 "The Chersonesus Cup", Ukraine, Crimea, Sevastopol.
Experts of the international category WCF:
Irina Gorinova (AB) Russia
Anna Nazarova (AB) Russia
Svetlana Volkova (AB) Ukraine
Nikolai Volkov (AV) Ukraine
Show results:
Yannik Silvery Snow
1st day of the show
Monobreed show Best Male, Best Adult, Best of Breed
WCF-Ring Adult 2nd place out of 20 animals
2nd day of the show
WCF-Ring Adult 3rd place out of 18 animals

Another our traveling exhibition of cats in which we participated was held in the city-hero of Sevastopol. In this exhibition was attended by about 180-minute animals. With our cat Janick we participated in the show ring and the following competitions:
Monobreed show British Shorthair.
This ring was a judge Irina Gorinova where our cat Janik was the best in breed cat vzrozlym Best male of Breed and Best of Breed.
WCF Adult-ring for the first day of the show.
WCF ring for the first day of the exhibition held Judge Nikolai Volkov. This ring 20 animals competed and we won the second place.
Best in Show for the first day of the show, nominated for the Best.
WCF Adult-ring during the second day of the show.
WCF ring the second day spent Judge Irina Gorinova. This ring competed 18 animals, and we have won the third place.
Best in Show in vtoroyden show, nominated for the Best.
The overall result was the closure of the exhibition title of European Champion title and the opening of the Big European Champion.
Our awards
More photos from the show
Video, Yannik WCF in the ring with Irina Gorinova
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The British kitten Yannik Silvery Snow age of 1 months.
The British kitten age of 2 months.
The British kitten Lucia Silvery Snow age of 2 months.
The British kitten Lucia Silvery Snow age of 4 months.
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