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The British kitten
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British Shorthair - strong cat with vibrant health. This feature was designated due to the large amount of genetic material that was used in the making of this species, its natural origin, as well as a careful selection work.
So, if found in 1970 in one of the litters a debilitating disease like hemophilia, has been audited by all breeding animals that may be carriers of the disease. From further breeding programs were excluded.
The studies have found out that the British Shorthair lines contain two types of blood - A and V.Znanie this fact helps to avoid breeders of cats blood disorders.
British kittens are born fairly large. Growing up, they become very energetic. The average litter consists of 4-5 kittens. Deliveries generally take place without problems. Mother often touching care of their babies, and literally do not depart from them on a step. Kittens eyes open around the age of 1 week.
Fed a liquid diet to begin in three weeks old.
When looking at the smoke-colored cat might get the impression that its color is uniform. But as soon as the cat moves, becomes visible light silver undercoat. So the first impression, as they say, is deceptive.
Kittens quickly become dense, but not thick. Formation of British Shorthair cats occurs in several stages. Best exhibit the same shape they reach a mature age. British mature very slowly grow up to 4 years and reach full bloom at the age of 5 years. British Shorthair cats look great almost all his life, and they live up to 18-20 years.
All Britons, regardless of color, size and structure of the body must meet a certain standard. In the sizes of individual animals
there are significant differences.
At maturity typical British shorthair cat weighing 5-8 kg. Cats usually somewhat inferior in weight. They are much less massive in all parameters compared with cats, have much shorter jaw. Reach maturity at the age of 2-3 years.
British Shorthair - harmonious, a squat, muscular
animal with soft, rounded shapes. Chest broad, massive shoulders and back, tight. The rear part of the body is wide. Legs relatively short, strong, big-boned, with large, strong paws rounded.
The front legs are straight, have the same length as the rear. They are 5 fingers, and on the back - 4. The tail is thick at the base, rather short, slightly conical, with a rounded tip. Limbs and tail proportional body.
Head rounded on all sides (front and profile), massive. Short and strong neck, very well. The skull is wide. The outlines of faces as round, which increases the feeling of power and strength of the British Shorthair cat.
Pronounced chin, massive, without wrinkles or otvis.lostey, is level with the nose and upper lip. His cheeks are round, thick. The forehead is also rounded, with a small flat area at the top. The slope of the forehead is not allowed.
The nose is short, broad and straight. In a profile on the edge of a small depression forehead significantly. Ears of medium size, wide at the base, set wide apart, slightly rounded tips. The outer surface of the ears evenly coated. Ears should not distort the shape of the head.
Cat eyes are large, round, wide-set. Color them in most color variations of color Britons should be copper. The exception is silver colored cat (tabby, chinchilla), in which the eyes of emerald green or hazel (golden), but at the same time found among them must have copper smoky eyes.
All golden Brits (tabby and chinchilla) green eyes. The white cats may be blue, gold or different colored eyes. For color-points standard defines blue eyes.
In the Middle Ages, black cats considered evil offspring. In old drawings and engravings depicting them with a highly arched back and eerily glowing green eyes. In our time to these animals has changed in diametrically opposite: many believe that black cats bring good luck and fortune.
The fur of the British short amazingly gentle, short, dense, fine texture, with a thick, slightly beaten undercoat. Coat and undercoat must be the same length, no more than 2.4 cm, which is why Brit looks like wearing a fur coat.
Delicate velvety fur shimmers in the sun, which gives a stylish animal extra volume and softness of outline. A characteristic feature of the British is not adjoining the body of "double" coat - a legacy of crosses c Persian cats.
The animals solid colors all the hairs from the roots to the tips should be dyed evenly. Zatu.shevannost, smoke, flow in monochrome color, bicolor deficiencies are not considered.
British Shorthair particular variety of colors. The total number is closer to 60. Among the most common monochrome colors - black, white, blue, cream, red, as well as two-color - silver-blue tabby, etc.
British Shorthair cat can be disqualified if they have the following characteristics:
«medallions" and "buttons" in color;
long body;
weak chin;
wrong eye color or green rims in front of the adult cats;
defects in the tail;
long or fluffy coat, too long or light undercoat;
Incorrect number of toes;
wrong color nose or paws;
curvature of the jaw, teeth or rare shortages.
In addition, the animals will be disqualified from any signs of illness or operation.

Used material books O.A. Puhovoy, "British Shorthair Cat"

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