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Where to buy the real thoroughbred British kitten?

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The British kitten
Who is online?

If you come to our site, it's most likely not an accident, and you are in love with a British breed of cats, and probably surf the Internet in search of buying british kitten. Immediately say that this article is written for the true connoisseurs of the British breed who want to be next to a present a purebred. The fact that you have come to our site, and did not go for a kitten at a poultry market, already the right choice. If you want to buy british kitten in Moscow, Voronezh, Kursk, Orel, Bryansk, Ryazan, Smolensk, Tula, or do not need to buy kittens in the poultry market. Why not buy kittens in the poultry market, and it is best to contact a professional Cattery? Let's understand this, so everything is in order.

Haunting ads on billboards or by reading newspaper ads , you can see the ads for the sale of " British " kittens at a very low price of 3000 , 2000 and even 1000. Where does such a " ridiculous " price ? Yes, everything is very simple, here is the first version of the sale of kittens on ads. When it was bought by the cat , just in the poultry market or an ad in the newspaper or on the internet (which is the same thing ) , naturally without any documents, or with fake documents , similar to the British kitty for the same 2000-3000 rubles. Then she rose and began to ask the cat, not childish howling at night. Castrate a cat of course no one was going to , well, " health " it was decided to tie up with a seal, such as a neighbor , " Briton lop-eared " , or just with the cat like the British, at best . In the worst case, just with any cat. Then there are kittens who need to be as soon as possible to do with either , because already a month old kittens start to EAT their own, and they eat a lot, 7-8 times a day. Naturally people are not willing to invest quite heavily in full and healthy food for kittens , and feed them or what will or cheap cat poison of " Whiskas " and " Kiteketa ." But even to buy the same " Whiskas " need the money , so eager to get rid of the kittens already starting with the age at which they start eating on their own, that is, 1-1.5 months of age , when the kittens are still physically or socially ready to move into a new home. And not about any veterinary service here , too, it does not go as visiting veterinarian also costs money . Therefore, these kittens are sold for as much as anything though , because the ordinary people who are not professionally involved in breeding cats , neither the strength nor the will nor the means to contain kittens of that age , when they may have to move to a new home , that is, at least from 2.5 months of age. Therefore, kittens , like the British, are moving to new owners with immature and weakened immunity, which will greatly affect their future health. Yes , these kittens are pretty and cute , the same lively and playful, and certainly need our love and care, but we are talking about completely different .

Buy kittens can not only through advertisements in newspapers or on the internet , but also on well-known bird markets . The situation is almost exactly the same as in the previous case , with the only difference that the breeding kittens put on stream in order to earn money. Needless to these kittens also izbavlyayustya as soon as possible for a very funny money , as razmnozhentsu not profitable to spend the extra money on cheap food feeding kittens , kittens and more profitable to sell as much as possible and as quickly as possible , or of what professionalism is out of the question . Plus everything else in bird markets often coexist with healthy animals sick , and add the possibility to buy a kitten with a bunch of infections and diseases, such as herpes zoster, rhinotracheitis , kaltsivirusnoy infection , chlamydia, taksoplazmoz etc. etc. etc. , as well as infected with various parasites , worms , fleas and more. And many of the disease may not show clinical signs , and will be felt much later and God forbid certainly infect your household. Documents who retail razmnozhentsami together with the kittens themselves are very questionable, kittens parents can show you the pictures which you like, so how to grow this kitten (if only live to the age of reason ) , God alone knows . And very sorry for those kittens that have not sold within the time allotted to them razmnozhentsem , at best, they will join the army of stray cats , and in the worst case, die in some sort of a box, shook his scotch in some sort of a ditch because razmnozhentsu profitable to throw kittens than to continue to spend money on them .. It is actually very sad , so buying a kitten in the poultry market , we thus encourage that's just such razmnozhentsev . So where does one need to buy a present and a kitten ? The answer to this question is unambiguous , buy this kitten is possible and necessary only in professional Cattery , which for example is both our nursery .

We have almost answered the question where to buy this british kitten? We have described above cons of buying kittens on the ads or the poultry market, davayte now see why you need to buy kittens only professionalnh nurseries? First of all cattery kittens professionally. What does this mean? This means:

  • Manufacturers kittens are chosen carefully, manufacturers often imported, purchased from well-known domestic and foreign nurseries for a lot of money to have a successful show career and high titles, and of course a pureblood and authenticity of the pedigrees of doubt here is not necessary.
  • Kittens in good nurseries get the correct balanced and high-quality food, feed consisting of premium and super premium class, which ensures the full development of the kittens, and lays the foundation for the future health of the kitten.
  • This British Shorthair breeder will never seek to quickly get rid of their kittens. All kittens from cattery leave his home at the age of 2.5-3 months, and in some cases, and after 4 months. At this age, kittens are completely independent, they are accustomed to the tray and kittens have strong immunity and vaccinated by age.
  • All kittens are moving into a new home with a full package of documents, seals confirmed the club where registered nursery. Purebreeding kittens doubt remains after this, you are guaranteed to get a purebred.
  • Nursery is not a farm to the cells, it is a normal house or apartment where we all live with you, so all the animals move freely around the apartment, communicate with other family members, respectively, they are outgoing and socially adapted. Therefore, buying british kitten in the nursery, you do not get frightened animal that whole day spent in a cardboard box on the market, and sociable, affectionate and bred cat or a cat that will not take a crap in the corners or sharpen claws on your furniture or wallpaper.
  • All animals in the kennel are periodic examination by a veterinarian, kittens receive the necessary vaccinations, and if you buy british kitten in the nursery, you can not worry about what you can buy a sick animal. Especially since many nurseries, including our Cattery Wool Spirit, the nursery is closed, that is, we do not accept cats from breeding, and infections from the outside is kept to a minimum. Everything else, preriodicheski animals are tested for infection. In our nursery hygiene is observed, kittens and adult animals are not allowed on the street and street shoes, coming from the street before you take cats, hands are washed with soap and water.
  • Buying british kitten in our kennel, you can always visit us in person, to see the parents of the kittens, to see the conditions in which our kittens live and are, what they are fed.
So we discussed with you cons of purchasing kittens bird markets and the pros buy kittens in the cattery. In any case, you decide, but only asking us about the cost of kittens in our cattery, please do not astonished eyes, and re-read this article and understand the value of what constitutes THIS kitten. If you do not care about the health of your pet, or maybe a family member (God forbid) if you do not care, or care little thoroughbred animal with questionable documents, welcome to the bird market or in the newspaper. But if you want to buy this purebred british kitten, socially adapted, balanced, healthy and with these documents, then welcome to our Cattery Wool Spirit.
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