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Food, or how to feed British kitten

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The British kitten
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Let's talk about food kittens. All the same, what and how to feed a kitten? British kitten like any other child from the earliest days needs proper and balanced diet. From the Rozhen about nutrition kitten care of his mother - a British cat. In the cat's breast milk contains everything needed for a tiny baby, all the necessary proteins, vitamins and minerals. It is through human milk is laid next immunity, it determines the future health of your cat. Do not be mistaken if I say that this applies not only to the cats, but to all mammals on Earth. Small kittens are eating all the time, and a good caring mother cat had kittens not long left alone, and returned to them at their slightest call. Sign satiety kittens - the silence, if cats can not hear, they fed and happy. A cat can feed kittens milk up to 3-4 months, but starting around month old kittens to feed. It is best suited for this purpose special wet food for kittens premium and super premium class, you can also give kitten rubbed boiled chicken liver. Starting at 2 months of age usually kittens can eat quite independently, but the cat can still feed them milk. Kittens eat very often - 5-6 times a day, a small kitten can eat even more than adult cats. Sometimes it's amazing how such a little body fit so much food. At the age of 3 months, that is, by the time of the move to a new home, kittens have full autonomy and breast milk is no longer needed, and the cat may have to stop feeding them.
And the kitten at home, before the kitten to move to a new home, the breeder carefully instruct you on what to feed a kitten, will suggest that food to which he was accustomed. From what diet should contain a small British? First of all, clean drinking water and quality food. First of all we must understand that the cat - is primarily a predator, and the basis of its diet should be animal protein. There is a common misconception and that the cat is a favorite treat of milk and fish. Cats only in childhood produces an enzyme capable of digesting milk, and a six-month cease production of this enzyme, and the milk can cause upset stomach in cats. From dairy roduktov kitten suit dairy products, such as cottage cheese, yogurt, fermented baked. The diet of a kitten there is a principle of three thirds, that is a kitten diet should consist of one-third of dry food, one-third of the wet canned food and a third, and natural food. Let's break down all the components in order of quality nutritious diet and feeding kittens.

Clean drinking water should always be available for a kitten, water should always be in a glass, enamel or porcelain. We should not pour water into a plastic bowl, plastic can release hazardous substances hazardous to health kitten. The water should be filtered, not boiled. The water should be changed every day, morning and evening. It should be remembered that the milk can not replace drinking water, milk is food, not drinking.

For the kitten to choose only quality forage premium or super classes such as Hill's, Ekanuba, Bosh, Origen, ProPlan, Royal Canin. Feed should be chosen specifically for cats, as they are specially balanced for growing a small kitten. Also, dry food is useful in terms of brushing a kitten, it's like a toothbrush for kittens.

As well as dry food, canned food for kittens to choose only the premium and super premium quality, such as Petreet (Italy), Schesir (Thailand), Schesir (Thailand), ProPlan (Switzerland), Animonda (Germany). Do not buy a kitten or a super hyped Whiskas Kitekat than low quality, they contain substances that contribute to addiction, it is to this cat poop, and a destructive impact on the body kitten. Wean cat from this feed will be very problematic, it is a kind of drug for cats.

In addition to the dry and wet food to feed a kitten, and natural products, such as meat or scalded heart, with cream cheese, quail eggs (not more than 1-2 per week), yogurt or fermented baked milk, vegetables and cereals. Here are some simple recipes for kittens:

  • Boiled beef heart or mixed with vegetable puree or boiled rice, buckwheat, oatmeal (rolled oats, you can simply soak in hot water). We can also add the yeast, or B vitamins.
  • Boiled fish (salmon, cod, saffron cod) with boiled rice porridge. Should be given only sea kitten lean fish without bones, river fish should not be given because there is a lot of small bones and can be a lot of parasites.
  • Chopped boiled chicken mixed with rice, buckwheat, oatmeal. You can add finely chopped herbs or sprouts of wheat. You can also add here and chopped cooked chicken liver and carrots.
  • Cream 10% or 6% milk (no more than 3 tablespoons. Tablespoons) a day.
  • Grated cheese.
  • Kefir, fermented baked or biokefir.
  • Cottage cheese (can be mixed with cream to the consistency of sour cream, or with egg yolk).
  • Egg boiled chicken or quail (it can be mixed with grass sprouts). Egg yolk is well absorbed with carbohydrates. But give no more than 2 times a week.
  • Vegetables (daily): grass seeds, frozen spinach, rice grits, oatmeal. Carrots, cauliflower, kohlrabi - boiled and mixed with meat or give way.
  • Also starting from 6 months can be included in the diet of shrimp (a delicacy for many cats) directly from the shell (it is a pure protein), you just thaw and cut kucochkami - see, leaving only the antennae, legs and eyes! Another seafood can provide squid and mussels.
  • Beef raw, should be given only after freezing at minus 18 degrees for 24 hours, while killing all parasites that may be present in raw meat. Raw meat must for growing kittens.
  • Prohibited!!! - Raw fish with bones, butter, raw liver, chicken bones, tubular, pork in any form, and human canned meats, borscht, soup, potatoes in any form or by any other human food.
  • Kitten to feed 4-5 times a day.
  • Try to give as much kitten food as he could eat at one time. A bowl of half-eaten food is better to put in the fridge and give some other time.
  • After the refrigerator food should be held at room temperature, so it is not too cold.
  • Always wash bowls, does not impose food in a dirty bowl.
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