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Cost or price of a british kitten

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The British kitten
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How much is this British kitten? Let's see one by one. Most people have a stereotype that if a cat, even though a thoroughbred, it is not and can not be expensive, that's such a pedigreed dog - that's another matter. And for some reason no one confuses the value of such of the same pug or chihuahua, rottweiler or doberman. Very often you can hear on the phone: "Why is it so expensive? Others are much cheaper." Well, let's lay all on the shelves, from which one gets the value of a purebred kitten.

All kittens are divided into three classes:
Pet-class - the lowest class of kittens. Kittens of this class have any deviation from the standard of the breed, birth defects and deficiencies. This does not mean that they are some people with disabilities, simply, there are deviations that are not allowed to participate in exhibitions. For example very long hair, or the quality does not meet the standard, incorrect eye color, too pointy tail, overbite, or a speck in the wrong place, and so on. These kittens are intended only for maintenance as pets, they do not participate in shows and breeding. But they are the same British cat with the same temperament and character, and if you do not have the above values, then you can opt for a kitten in this class. Kittens pet-class has the lowest cost. In Russia the cost of a kitten pet-class is 400 - 500 $
Breed-class - the so-called middle class, are animals that have minor deviations from the standard to allow participation in exhibitions. Such animals may be involved in breeding, and to be pets. The cost of a kitten breed-class is 500 - 700 $
Show-class - the animals of the high-class exhibition, and they must fully comply with all standards of the breed, and they should not be any deviation. Among them the most demanding, but the price of these kittens will start from 800 $ and more. You should know that cats are only two classes - the pet and show class cats breed-class does not exist. This is due to the fact that the judge shows a very strict approach to the assessment of this cat manufacturers, and what if there is any deviation from the standard, then the cat can not be assigned to show the class.

Anyone reputable breeder and kennel owner seeks to have the cats in a kennel elite producers. Finding a good manufacturer rather difficult task. And usually the price of such products will start at 1000 $ Sometimes a good producer has to look at foreign nurseries, which account for kittens begins about six months before their birth. It takes a lot of time and money on phone calls and delivery of animal emotions and nerves spent. As a result, the value of a good producer can reach 2 or 3000 $ But even if the kennel has its own cat-producer for breeding have to resort to third-party manufacturers. The cost of mating is also an important component determines the value of a kitten. And the cost of mating with a good producer can vary from 300 to 1000 $ At present, unfortunately is the so-called "cheapening" the breed, many breeders do not care much about finding and buying good purebred producers, and often knit made with producers who have not quite thoroughbred pedigree. These manufacturers are usually many times cheaper, as well as binding to them. Hence, the relative cheapness of kittens in the pedigrees of which may be present such as Scottish straights. About any purebreeding there is no longer out of the question. Kittens of course on the passport will be British, but so is not inherently. It's like a Swiss watch is real, and there is a replica of the Chinese, like all the same and just can not tell, but there are not very accurate, and break all the time. With all the kittens just as well, like the British, but the wool "little bit" is not so, my head is not of the form, the ears are not so delivered. Maybe for someone it will not matter, as the decisive factor is the low price of the kitten, but if you want to find yourself really vysokoporodistoe animal, it's not your choice.

The cost of feeding and maintenance of a kitten up a very large, if not most of its value. To a British cat has evolved from a small lump in the healthy and beautiful adult animal, it is in early childhood should receive high-quality balanced food in a super-class food. It is also very important to give a kitten feeding of vitamins. Podkarmlimat kittens start with 3 weeks of age. Up to 1.5 - 2 months, the kittens still sucking their mother's milk, but they have been fed 3-4 times a day. Frankly cheap and unhealthy kittens and cats such as food and Whiskas Kiteket, we do not take into account. Jars feed super-class "Hills" or "Proplan" weighing 70 grams., One month's 1.5 kitty is enough for about a day, 2-month-old kitten eats 4-5 times a day, and these jars it needs about 2 a day. The cost of a single jar of about 2 $, Through simple mathematical calculations, you can easily calculate the cost of feeding. Add to this the cost of vitamins, fresh raw beef, which is obligatory in the diet, a variety of natural baits, cat grass, and more. Do not forget that pregnant and nursing cats - a mother, too, is not the holy spirit is fed, she needed to have at least 4-5 times a day. For example raw beef should be one-third of its diet, the cost of which comes to 15 $ per kg.
Another consumable for the content of the nursery - it's certainly a filler for the toilet. If you live in a house three cats, the example of one pack wood filler 4.5 liters costs 5 $, Enough for about 5 days, and when a kitten consumption doubles, respectively. Also, kittens for full development and training need different toys, scratching posts, houses. To care for the kittens, you must also buy a variety of combs, brushes, kogterezki, and a bunch more all different details.

Veterinary services - an important cost item self-respecting nursery. To the nursery born healthy and strong kittens, which will continue to please their future bosses, a good breeder will make sure every testing all their animals. Various infections can accidentally fall even in the indoor kennel, so regular inspection is necessary. For successful treatment, it is important to detect the disease early on. Analyses of animal testing no less for the people. Anyone interested can download the price list of Belgorod Interregional Veterinary Laboratory. For example the holding of only one analysis of a particular type of infection in a cat costs about 35 $. The same number of cost and other analyzes. And if God forbid, to detect the infection, then add the cost of treatment here, the purchase of antibiotics, syringes, pills, vet services and other stuff. Today the price of medicines in pharmacies, we all know, and that for people that for cats, the same drugs. Vet, too, are not cheap, one time - consultation costs an average of 10 $. It is also necessary tests for hereditary diseases that they had not passed on to future generations, the cost of such analyzes in the region of 100-150 $. Routine vaccination is also free kittens are not made, the cost of a vaccination Multifel-4 - 10 $, Such as a kitten vaccinations need to do two, when he reaches 12 weeks of age, and exactly 21 days. To determine the compatibility of Males blood group, it is necessary to carry out analysis of the definition of blood, which leads to yet another additional cost.

Advertising - the motor trade! Slightly paraphrasing that famous phrase can be said that advertising - is the engine of the nursery. Of course then, when the nursery becomes known, it would not be particularly in need of advertising. After all, the glory of a good nursery is spread by word of mouth, the kittens from this cattery is written in six months, or even a year in advance. Take for example, well-known European kennels. But if the nursery is good, but it is not as well known? And here we can not do without advertising, this content, advertising, printing products and services of a professional photographer. Separately, it should be noted as a good means of advertising, participation in cat shows. To the glory of the animal nursery was booming in the cat community, no shows will not do. To assess the quality of breeding animals can only judge on the show, so participation in the exhibitions an important part of life kennel. Well, as usual, respectively, participate in the exhibition is very costly affair. Participation in the exhibition of one cat, and costs 70 - 80 $, Add here participated in the show ring, the cost of a ring 17 $, The cost of veterinary control, purchasing and other exhibitor booths. For the closing titles to participate in exhibitions held in other cities and even countries. In this case, the usual exhibition costs added to the cost of travel, accommodation, visas, veterinary certificates for the crossing of borders and public transportation. In the end, things are going in a very tidy sum.

In conclusion, I want to say that the article was not written with the aim to show what poor, poor cat breeders. First of all, we have chosen this occupation, it is a passion and love for animals, if you want a disease, infected which is impossible to recover. This article is primarily written to answer the question why this is so expensive purebred British kittens from a cattery. What do you think, considering all the costs described above, whether the present British kitten from a cattery be cheap? We think that navryadli. If you offer a kitten "for cheap", think about what might or major item of expenditure was excluded from the content. Maybe it's poor quality feed, which could affect the future of animal health, or lack of proper veterinary care, and can be saved to the manufacturers, and instead of a purebred kitten, you get a cat or a cat, "a la the British". And what money can be measured by experience, the sleepless nights spent helping a cat in childbirth, the tragedy of the loss of a little kitten, with severe and prolonged labor. It is not always everything goes smoothly, it is only in the proverb says that only the fast cats are born. We hope that we have fully answered the question why so expensive?

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