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Exhibition of cats, May 2011, Belgorod

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If you are pleasant to a cat, she will allow you to become its friend, but the owner - never!
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The British kitten
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The international exhibition of cats on May, 28-29th, 2011, Belgorod.
Experts WCF:
Igor Mihajlov (АВ) Russia, Moscow
Lyudmila Lomakin (КШ, СОКШ) Ukraine
Irina Sadovnikova (АВ) Russia, St.-Petersburg
Show results:
Best Breed Junior
Best of Breed
Best WCF Junior
Best Junior
It was our very first exhibition, all was for the first time. Going on it, we did not expect on what or good results as acted in a class of juniors. Simply it would be desirable to touch holiday atmosphere, to prove to be to the cat's community, to get new friends and acquaintances that we with success realized. We participated in three rings of an exhibition:
Monopedigree Show The British short-haired
WCF-Ring Junior
BEST in Show the first and second day
Results of rings have surpassed even the most courageous expectations!
Monopedigree Show The British short-haired
In this ring all cats and cats only the British breed, irrespective of age compete. Lucy has won a title the best junior of breed Best Breed Junior and became the best in breed of all exhibition Best of Breed - 2 first places in one ring!
WCF-Ring Junior
In this competition cats and cats of all breeds compete, the winner gets out of at whom parameters are most approached to the standard of the given breed. Division goes on age categories, that is the best kitten, the best junior and the best adult animal under standards WCF. We became winners among 8 participants, the best junior Best WCF Junior WCF of a ring - 1 place!
BEST in Show 2 day
In this competition animals all the breeds, the received highest estimations of judges by results of examination, and received a nomination on Best compete. Division goes only on age categories, that is the best kitten, the best junior and the best adult animal of an exhibition. Lucy became the best junior Best Junior of 2nd day - 1 place!
Results: 3 rings - 4 victories, 2 diplomas and 4 cups, without considering prizes!!! To such result can envy and eminent champions, especially if to consider that it was our first exhibition. Result more than worthy, we hope, as further our results will be not less impressing.
Other photos of an exhibition
Photo for memory with the president of club "Cat of Belogorja" Vladimir Garkushovym (at the left).
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The British kitten Yannik Silvery Snow age of 1 months.
The British kitten age of 2 months.
The British kitten Lucia Silvery Snow age of 2 months.
The British kitten Lucia Silvery Snow age of 4 months.
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