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World Cat Show, September 2013, Vitebsk, Belarus

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The British kitten
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World Cat Show 7-8 September 2013, the Republic of Belarus, Vitebsk.
Experts of the international category WCF:
Tatyana Chernova (AB) Latvia
Tatyana Komarova (AB) Russia
Olga Belyaeva (AB) Russia
Svetlana Yermolayeva (AB) Russia
Elena Fedorenko (AB) Russia
Marina Zhuravleva (AB) Russia
Tamara Biryukova (AB) Ukraine
Tomoko Vlach (AB) Japan
Kurt Vlach (AB) Austria
Show results:
Yannik Silvery Snow
1st day of the show
2nd day of the show
It was our first World Cat Show, which we visited. In this exhibition with our cat Janick we closed the Grand European Champion title is the most important result of the exhibition. Unfortunately due to insufficient light quality pictures do not work, but we took a few videos with rings.
Video, Yannik in the ring with WCF Tomoko Vlach (Japan)
Video, Yannik Britons in the ring with Tamara Biryukova
Video, Yannik WCF in the ring with Kurt Vlach (Austria)
Video, Yannik on the master ring WCF Tatyana Chernova
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The British kitten Yannik Silvery Snow age of 1 months.
The British kitten age of 2 months.
The British kitten Lucia Silvery Snow age of 2 months.
The British kitten Lucia Silvery Snow age of 4 months.
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