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Classification of cats

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God has created the Cat that the person had a tiger who can be stroked
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At present, various types of cats everywhere inhabit terrestrial space, excluding only Antarctica and the Arctic. Unfortunately, many species became extinct in our time. The reason for this was the work of a man who not only has an irreversible impact on the natural habitat of these animals but also preys on them. For example, leopard fur is highly valued throughout the world, which led to the disappearance of this species.
The classification of the family cat on the principle of genetic similarity of animals of various species. Currently there are 8 genera, which included 36 different species of cats.
Environmentalists are divided on the size of the animal species and size of their prey, and insist that the basis for classification must be put to a different principle. For the classification are also important dimensions of the cat habitat, objects and methods of hunting. If in compiling classification follow this principle, the cat can be divided into small and large.
Large cats. For large cats in this classification include lions and tigers.
Features of the structure of the musculoskeletal system allow big cats bystoro move.
It is known that all members of the cat family a larger size have the same features. First, the outward signs of this. Second, they are like life, for example use the same method of obtaining food. Seen cases where the tigers and lions are mated together, and genetic differences were not reflected in the offspring.
It should be noted that between tigers and lions, there are significant differences. They are completely different habitat. Lions live in families (prides), consisting of one leader, several females and pups of the set. And for all the kittens looked after by the females. When the young are growing up, the leader in order to protect themselves from the competition, kicks from the pride of all males.
Jaguar released a kind of color and loves to feast on turtles.
In the life of the pack has its own rather harsh laws, for example, if the pack there is a new leader, it occurs in cases where the former is too old and weak and unable to resist the lions young and strong, it kills all the cubs in the pride.
Unlike lions, tigers prefer to live alone, they look for a couple solely on the breeding season. Tigers are hunted and alone. Lions act differently, they never hunt alone. The main earner in the food lion family is female. Lions hunt groups, and captured animals is a common prey. Unlike the Tigers, despite a good appetite, lions can for a long time without food. Satiated lion sleeps up to 20 hours a week does not go hunting.
Other members of the cat family also have their own distinctive features. For example, a leopard never growls, this is due to structural features of the vocal tract of the animal (the bone located between the larynx and the root of language, has no cartilage formation).
Many members of the cat family are hunted both small and on large prey. These species can be attributed to average cats. Of these the most famous cougar, bobcat, cheetah. They are equally successfully get their food and in small forest rodents, such as chipmunks, and large ungulates.
Small cats. This animals weighing up to 18kg. They prey on small rodents and insects. Representatives of this group of species usually do not eat their prey as soon as caught, and brought her to his home or the house owner, if it's a house cat.
Small cats, despite its size, not inferior in tenacity major congeners. Sometimes they hunt for days and compared with the major congeners little sleep.
This group includes animals such as the ocelot, lynx, tiger cat, etc. It should be noted that each of them has its own distinctive features.
Ocelot habitat are forests or rocky and marshy places in South America and southern North America. Ocelot prefers to hunt at night. His prey are small and large mammals, and birds. Like all cats, ocelot excellent climbs trees. Its main feature is the ability to swim well.
Ocelots are easy to train. It should be noted that in captivity, his habits vary greatly, and in such circumstances it is difficult to get an idea about the true nature of the animal.
Lynx is a representative of small animals. Due to the characteristic brushes on the ears and short tail, the animal is very easy to recognize. Lynx inhabit the steppes, forests and deserts. There are several varieties of lynx: marsh, prairie, arctic, common.
Lynx has a common beauty and strength. It is dangerous for many mammals. Prey of this cat are usually deer and elk. She is an excellent climbs trees and usually hunts prey, hiding in one of the lower branches. Trot for a long time waiting for prey, and when the victim appears, throws down at her and bites her neck. Often such an attack has ended for lynx failed, and a wounded animal flees.
Lynx because of such qualities as greed inherent to many predators, produces much more than necessary for saturation. In such cases, the animal simply drops its prey.
When trotting frequent attacks are a threat to livestock, and people to protect themselves from it, go hunting. However, this is not a safe occupation. The wounded lynx is very aggressive and can jump to humans. However, because animal fur dearly prized hunting, this wild cat is very popular.
For a long time friendship with a man to the cat had both love and hate. It was and is a deity and the devil incarnate. However, she was able to overcome all difficulties and still happy owners with their presence.
There is also a system of classification of cats on leave, and most scientists adhere to it. What follows is a detailed examination of this type of classification:
genus Lynx (lynx, bobcat, Asian marbled cat);
kind of cougar (puma, cheetah);
race Panthers (jaguar, leopard, snow leopard, clouded leopard, tiger, lion);
genus caracal (Caracal African, African golden cat);
asian leopard cat genus (manul, asian cat fishing, flat-cat, leopard cat, cat ayriomotskaya);
genus ocelot (ocelot, Maar-gis, onsilla, pampas cat, andeanskaya cat cat Jeffrey, code-code);
buhtovyh race cats (boo-tovaya cat, African golden lynx);
kind of domestic cat (house cat, tropical-color cat, red-spotted cat, cat dunes, the Chinese mountain cat, little cat Blackfoot, long-haired cat ploskomordaya Asian Pallas).
There is also a serval, which is not included in the classification of the cats leave. At first, scientists have identified these animals as a separate species, called servalovidnymi cats. They have a lean body structure, long legs, thick fur, large ears, rounded at the ends. Servals can also hide the claws in the pads.
The parameters of the body and unusual appearance serval immediately attract attention. Compared with the body of his legs are very long. In serval thick and coarse hair and large ears with rounded tips. The body length of this animal is 1.4 m. A third of this quantity is the length of the tail.
From other members of the family cat serval different length legs and a dark coat color.
Servals are nocturnal, like all cats, the day resting. On the reproduction of these animals, very little is known: the female gives birth to kittens 1 per year, from late February to early April. Pregnancy lasts 70-76 days. Feeding calves lasts up to 8 months.
Serval can be easily tamed. If it grows in captivity, it hardly differs from the usual cats, faithfully applies to the owner, loves to play and snuggle.
Due to the fact that these representatives of the cat family often make raids on housing rights and kill livestock and poultry, with people in serval relations are not very good. Moreover, some cultures use meat Africa serval in the food. But the fur of this animal is not in demand and is inexpensive.
Servals live in different parts of Africa and spread across the continent and the characteristic yellowish-gray mottled color resemble both lynx and the usual wild cat, and as prey, they use the same animals. Excellent hearing and vision allow servals to hunt birds, rodents, antelopes. If you can not long to catch prey, servals can eat carrion, insects, poisonous reptiles.

Used material books O.A. Puhovoy, "British Shorthair Cat"

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