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British kitten in the house, tips on care and maintenance

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The British kitten
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So, in your home came a little teddy British kitten. That he was able to quickly settle into his new home, we'll give you some tips on how to best take care of your new little friend. Remember - the kitten is the same child! Even yesterday, he took care of him affectionate mother, he played and had fun with my brothers and sisters the same as he was British kittens. And suddenly he finds himself in a completely different house, where everything is so unfamiliar to him, not around his mother, not his brothers and sisters, he had no one to play and he was scared. It is these early days of separation, the most difficult for a small creature. It is therefore essential to give a little "britanchiku" as much time as it is in those very early days of separation from his mother and brothers. What you need to do? We will try in order to answer these questions. Before a small teddy Briton will appear in your home, you need to prepare thoroughly. Here is a basic list of necessary accessories for a kitten:
Cat's house or bed
Toys for kittens and homesickness
Litter box and a filler for him
Bowls for food and water
Carrying Bag
Brush and comb
Scratching or kogtedralka
Special food for kittens

Cat housesFirst of all, the kitten should be his living space to a small house, a refuge, a game room. Buy him a cat house, preferably with multiple levels, with shelves and bars for turning claws. Kittens are very mobile, it is like to climb on the shelves house, or shelter for undisturbed sleep in his house. Of course he will be chasing around the house or apartment, but her cabin has its own bath.

In the kitten should be a lot of toys, this is different balls, fur mice, teasers. If the hand did not, you can even crumple a sheet of paper or a piece of foil into a ball and give it to a kitten, you will see the joy it brings to him, they love to wear them in his mouth and chase it across the floor. Toys can entertain a kitten at a time when no one is. Do not buy toys that can be dangerous for a kitten. For example with different rubber bands, ropes, he can bite off and swallow. At first, the baby can grieve and cry, try these days to pay more attention to the kitten, play with him more often, talk. If the cat meows and cries at night, take him up, talk to him, cuddle. You can put next to a warm water bottle wrapped in a towel, it will create an impression of the presence of a number of mom and brother to the sisters. You can put a ticking clock close - close imitation of the mother's heart beating. While the baby is accustomed to a new home, limit his space travel one room in which to stand and a toilet bowl with food and water. In a strange place it will be difficult to find their way to the toilet or to eat. After a small British settled into a room and get used to the toilet, you can give him the space to explore the rest of the apartment or house.

Happy Cat HouseYou should also take care of the baby's safety. You want to limit access to remote places, where the kitten can hide, such as a cupboard or refrigerator. Simply put, close all the gaps, where he will be able to climb and get stuck there, until the British are not yet old enough and just can not squeeze through there because of their size. Do not leave unattended plastic bags, kittens love to play with them, but they can accidentally choke in it. Do not throw balls of yarn, ropes, cords, Christmas tree rain and other long objects. Young kittens and adults cats are very fond of the British feast on them, and if you notice a good time and have time to pull out from the other cat-meter rope, otherwise no veterinary care is necessary. When a cat or a cat is older and able to jump to a height, you need to take care of the windows, which should be the grid to the cat does not imagine himself a hang gliding and went to the flight of a bird flying by or a butterfly. This is especially true of the upper floors. Also, the owners of the cooking surfaces in the kitchen to think that the grown up cat jumped out of stupidity, not on a hot surface. While the kitten will not be vaccinated, after coming home before taking the kitten, wash your hands, do not allow the kitten to a street shoe. Along with dirty hands, or street shoes can bring a variety of infections. While the British have a very small kitten, always remember that it may be somewhere under his feet. Kittens really like to rush across the path, so that you can inadvertently podfutbolit little tomboy. Also, if you need to climb on a stool, ladder, ladder, before returning to the ground, first check whether there is a kitten under foot, as it does not look possible to accidentally come. Also avoid leaving the kitten in a draft that would not chill it. Always close the toilet lid, a small kitten can get there by accident, and there bybratsya it will be very difficult, especially if he is home alone. Do not leave unattended bathtub full of water. Household chemicals should also be available for a small kitten. Remember - we are responsible for those who have tamed, so think about your pet it is your task in any environment, whether at home, cottage or holiday.

Toilet - HouseBringing home a kitten for the first time, just show him the toilet, let him sniff it, dig it. Usually kittens without problems begin to find the right place on their own. Cats in general by their very nature are very clean. If the kitten is suddenly a place of their confused thoughts, you can try a variety of tools that are sold in pet stores, such as "Antigadina." In general, methods of weaning go to the toilet a lot in the wrong place, for example, one way is to put into this place a bowl of food. A cat will never defecate near food. Failures also occur if for example a kitten an upset stomach, but that's another story. Once we unknowingly fed kitten "Whiskas", after which he did not know the poor in any corner of his place to go once began to feed normal food, everything returned to normal. Filling for the toilet can be selected individually. We and our cats such as the British like wood filler, it has anti-bacterial properties and keeps a good smell. The most convenient toilet in our opinion - in the form of the house. In the first cat with heavy pocketing a filler, it will not scatter in different directions, and secondly in the house there is only one way out in front of which you can put a special mat. However, even if the legs and the filler particles will stick, then they will remain on this rug, and you will have less work with the cleaning. Toilet - a house is good for the fact that the kitten can hide it in their urgent business from prying eyes. British kittens, and adult cats can feel free to go to the toilet when they are watching, they really are precious. Remember - the toilet must always be clean.

Buy a kitten a few bowls for food and water. Suitable for feeding metal bowls, stainless steel and ceramic bowls for water. Do not use plastic bowls and plastic, they can release harmful substances hazardous to the health of the kitten. If you have multiple cats, you need to have on each animal to a separate bowl. Do not leave uneaten food in the bowl for more than 3 hours, it deals more with wet feed. Water should always be clean and fresh, change water in a bowl in the morning and evening. It is best if the water is filtered.

Contents of the British cat is not possible without carrying bags. The visit to the veterinarian, a trip to the country - in all these cases without carrying is necessary. 'm Carrying a variety of forms, shapes and sizes. To move to a car carrying a plastic suit, as it can be large enough for that would carry it in their hands. A short walk on foot to fit a small cloth carrying.

Currently, pet stores represented a huge selection of items for grooming. This is a different brush, comb, Slicker. Different breeds of different combs are recommended. The British wool is short, plush, it does not tangle, mat it is not formed, so special care it requires. For them, the most suitable rubber oval brushes, these brushes have an antistatic effect, they are removed from the hair kitten static electricity, and massage the skin without causing damage. Combing the British as possible for wool, and against the grain, in which case hair is saturated with oxygen and has a healthy appearance. Bathing a kitten without the need not to be, by nature of cats coat has a natural protection such as waxy coating. If too frequent bathing, this protection is weakened and the hair can take an unhealthy appearance. Therefore, to bathe the kitten should be only in special cases, such as when it is stained strongly in something.

ScratchingIf you care about the safety of upholstered furniture and vinyl wallpaper in your house, in which he lives a cat, then you should take care and availability of items in this house for turning your pets claws. Now on the market represented a huge selection of pet kogtetochek for every taste and purse. It is best to use the scratching posts with sisal rope, it is more durable. And that is why our cats prefer sisal scratching it with verevkoy.Esli in the house there is no scratching, and one day you find yourself torn couch, then scold only themselves, but not a cat. To train a kitten to sharpen its claws in the right place should be at an early age. If you see a cat to sharpen its claws perched on the corner of a sofa or a door jamb, just grab it and take it to the scratching post, show him where you need to sharpen claws. Several times to dostachtochno to kitten realized that the sofa is not such a good place, and for turning claws. Kogtedralki normally present in the cat houses, but it is best that they are in every room of your apartment or house.

Even if the cat sharpening its claws on the kogtedralku, it still needs to trim the claws. In pet stores sell special kogterezki for cats. Accustomed to this procedure should a kitten from childhood, or later, as adults, doing this will become much more complicated. Put the kitten on his lap, take the foot, gently massage your fingertips, let him get used to. Slightly press down on each finger to the claw moved out, and carefully sostrigite kogterezkoy it. WARNING!!! Only need to shear off the tip of the claw 1-2 mm., In any case does not shear off the claw, where he has a pink color, there are blood vessels. Try to cut his nails, scissors, taking a little finger - the same thing will suffer and the kitten. And I want to say one thing is very embarrassing moment, most recently practiced surgery to remove a cat's claws. Careless owners do such operations to its (non-rotated to say pets) living toys, for the preservation of their expensive furniture and wallpaper. I would like to recommend this unfortunate people - do not start none, live in the apartment with its own expensive furniture. For those who do not know, an operation to remove the claws - is a barbaric operation, together with the claw is removed phalanx of a finger. The animal actually becomes disabled, a cat broken balance when walking, and a lot of side effects to show the animal is not allowed. What do you think would be good to life was a man without a phalanx of each finger? Once again I want to remind you - we are responsible for those who have tamed, be men.

First meetingIf your home with other pets a dog or cat, the newly arrived kitten should not immediately release into the community. Other "senior soldiers' pets can find a beginner hostile army, and speaking the language, to make a" hazing "the newcomer. It is best to put a novice into a room and arrange sessions dating, always under your supervision. As a rule dating is a few days. Leave the kitten alone with other animals as soon as the first day, in any case impossible. First meeting is best done when the kitten is to carry, for a start they need to "sniff", and then slowly release into the wild. When we first met are always there in the early days of the animals may snarl and hiss at each other. Leave the open carrying of a number, in case of flight, the kitten will be there to hide. Dog when we first met with the British is best to keep a kitten on a leash and watch her reaction. Of course a couple of blows is not excluded, but ultimately peace and friendship prevail. No need to punish the animals for aggression against newcomers, the main thing patience. Demonstrate your love equally to all, and the old residents and newcomers to the territory of the right to respect those animals who it was before the arrival of new residents.

If your house has kids, especially little from 1.5 to 3 years, explain to them that little kitten is not a toy, but a living creature, and must be handled very carefully. At this age, our kids do not realize their actions and not commensurate force. I know a case when a small child just strangled a chicken in his hand because he was soft and fluffy, just no one has explained to him that the chicken can not crush in your hand. Also, conversely, make sure that the kitten would have scratched your baby. Well, I think everybody knows that young children do not be left unattended, so long on this subject will not talk.

Talk about discipline. Immediately determine what should be done kitten, and what is not. Do not play with him in the musi pusi, if committed by an evil action, such as jumping on a table, or an attempt on the curtain, well let them know that you do not like it. The most effective way of punishment, it's loud, or spraying water from the sprinkler. Be patient, and three or four times is enough punishment for breaking the bad habits. In biology this is called a conditioned reflex. But never leave a bad deed without punishment. I'll tell you an interesting case from the practice, our cat is a bullet flew out of the apartment as soon as the door opened, and already had to catch it somewhere a few floors. What attracted her so there is not clear. Frankly, it's very annoying, but the solution was found. I once took a large tin can from under the tomato paste, put there a big bunch of keys, and very quietly quietly left the apartment. And then as if I came home, and has a loud openly began to open the door. And as usual, "missile" and went. As if from a low starting my cat lomanulas the entrance, but then it was a surprise in the form obrushisheysya on her way tin with the keys. Hit the concrete floor, tin gave a loud unpleasant sound, amplified a bunch of keys inside and reflected from the bare walls of the entrance. It happened so suddenly that my "rocket" given a false start, and the same bullet disappeared just now in the opposite direction for the apartment door. Most of these races were not observed, as they say otsheptali grandmother.

Well, in principle, highlights the content of a small kitten in the house. If something is forgotten, by all means remember and shall add. On feeding, immunizations and so on, you learn from other items in Advices.

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